We would like to give thanks to the Verbum Dei male and female consecrated missionaries, married couples who have given their lives to the mission. 

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In old age they will still bear fruit, will remain fresh and green. 

(Ps 92,14)

Pope Francis:

There is a strong spiritual network that connects us, unites us and sustains us, and it is much stronger than any other type of connection. This network is the roots: it is knowing that we belong to each other, that each one of our lives is anchored in the lives of others.

Pope Benedict XVI:

The quality of a society, I would say of a civilisation, is also judged by how the elderly are treated and the space that is reserved for them in community life.

Missionary Roots Campaign.

This campaign, initiated by the General Government of Verbum Dei and implemented by CREA Verbum Dei, has the principal objective of focusing attention on our elderly brothers and sisters and their needs. If you join in our campaign you will get to know the lives of those who have been and still are our Verbum Dei missionary roots. 

You will be able to hear the advice they have to give us, the fruit of their experiences and, also we will share with you how you can help them in this stage of their lives.

“The elderly are our history, our doctrine, they give us the wisdom which is the inheritance we have to receive, they are the treasure of our society”. (Pope Francis)

For this reason we want to start this campaign by giving thanks to God for the gift of their lives, and to each one of them for their lives freely given-up and totally devoted to give so much fruit in the 5 continents. Thank you for being our roots and our origin. 

They are the pillars of our mission, and so we invite all the members of the Verbum Dei Missionary Family to give thanks to them by sending a greeting of love, of gratitude for their lives given-up for the mission.

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Missionary Roots Campaign

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